Modern Relationships


Physical Reality of Online Dating

Connecting with other people around the world has become easier as the digital age progresses. A person may have a partner who lives thousands of miles away. Their relationship might have begun locally, but one person had to move for work or family. This gives each person a chance to really talk through their relationship as physical intimacy with each other has become impossible. Some relationships thrive, but others will perish unless each partner has the ability to solve issues affecting them and their relationship.

Lack of physical intimacy is the most difficult part of being separated from a partner. Modern communication has come a long way, but it still cannot provide for this important need. It is easier for a male masturbator to solve their problem than a female with no experience in this area of life. He can turn to his favorite fantasy and relieve sexual tension, but she may not be able or willing to do this.

There are some women who find they are the partner who craves more physical intimacy, but this is still rather rare. Many women are able to distract themselves, but this is not always possible for men. Virtual reality porn has become a new way to help them find sexual release when their partner is far away. They can don a virtual reality headset and enjoy their favorite VR porn. It allows them to experience an environment where they can safely relieve tension without their partner being present.

Not all males will solve their physical relief issues in this manner, but they may recognize this is as a good way to respond to the physical absence of their partner. Choosing the option to relieve sexual tension alone is not as satisfying as being with a partner. While it provides only temporary relief, it is a modern option for those who want to keep their long distance relationship.